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The NIX ecosystem is moving to Ethereum to bootstrap better connectivity and access to new markets while using some cutting-edge technology to drive adoption.
2 min readJan 6, 2021



The last article briefed on the forthcoming changes to the ecosystem which include the token swap to ERC20, supply burn from the dev fund, coin emission ending (meaning once the old chain has retired, the circulating supply will equal the total supply), masternodes and privacy tech moving to a validator-governed sidechain, as well as a premium rebrand for the entire ecosystem (including new ticker names/logos for NIX and NBT).

This week we’ve had some extremely fruitful meetings with a number of major potential partners to aid in building out the infrastructure for what is an ambitious and ground-breaking new offering to the Ethereum/DeFi space. We’re now close to pinpointing the exact technology stack that will be used in this new ecosystem and we’re excited to be looking closely at bringing in ZK-Rollups & StarkWare’s Cairo to our sidechain, both of which we think have unrivalled potential.

What’s Next?

Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out a series of blog posts which highlight the future changes in more detail.

- How current NIX holder’s can exchange simply and easily to the new token.

Liquidity generation event
An opportunity to benefit from the required liquidity generation on Uniswap

- Where the magic of the new ecosystem will happen, explained and revealed.

ZK-Rollup DEX
- How the new ecosystem will allow zero-knowledge swaps of any ERC-20 token with fast and close to zero transactions fees.

Tokenomics of the new NIX
- What benefits will be coming to NIX holders going forward

Tokenomics of the new NBT
- How NBT will be moving the entire ecosystem further towards decentralization

Rebrand & website launch
Community announcement of the new branding including logo, token icons, tickers and a link to the new website, prior to the wider press release.

The team has already made significant progress on all of the above. The tokenswap functionality is broadly complete and we’ll soon be showing you screenshots and a walkthrough of exactly what this process will entail.

We’ll be adding technical development updates as they crop up as well as the above announcements so stay tuned.



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