Cancellation of the NBT Presale on

1) Chaotic issues with the platform

We chose to host the presale with the assumption that it would add some familiarity and authenticity to the token sale process. Unfortunately it quickly became apparent that the platform isn’t fit for purpose and has a slew of issues, and based on the constant stream of complaints we received — bugs we witnessed ourselves, this undoubtedly put many investors off participating. On top of this in the middle of our sale Bounce decided to upgrade their platform, without redirecting old presale links, rendering all of our links posted on social media useless.

The issues included but were not limited to:

  • Constant 404s and redirects to their homepage when trying to access our presale link
  • Users being unable to search and find the genuine NBT sale from the homepage
  • Several fake NBT sales on their front page, with no way to flag or remove
  • A non-responsive website ‘rebuild’ went live half way through our sale
  • Bounce did not redirect the old URL to the new destination, destroying our marketing
  • Attempts to contact them over telegram were ignored even though they were online

2) Community feedback on the tokenomics

We saw low take-up relative to our soft/hard cap targets, even after trending on social media and LunarCrush. We received much feedback from the community about why this might have been, and feel that some aspects of the tokenomics and discount structure might have acted as a deconvincer, so this has been taken on board. Thank you to all who provided constructive feedback, we appreciate it, and we will announce within the next couple of days a redesigned tokenomics distributing 85% to the community.

The Next Stage

We have listened to community feedback and we will organize another token sale in the near future via our own smart contract, with improved tokenomics and incentives. Max supply will remain at 60,000 and the new price will be 1 ETH = 24 NBT, with a tiered bonus percentage distributed in NBT to all token sale participants.

  • 60% Presale Allocation
  • 20% Initial Locked Liquidity
  • 15% Treasury (Marketing, Dev)
  • 5% Liquidity Incentives



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