Looking to contribute towards a progressive DeFi project? We’re Hiring!

NIX is pleased to announce a collaboration with Ethworks, a blockchain development company and specialists in UX - and we’re looking for more people to join the team.

2 min readJan 17, 2021

Ethworks made their name working closely with established projects such as Polkadot, bitcoin.org, Maker and ethereum foundation and we are excited to team up with such a innovative agency. Ethworks are working on the design and front-end development of our rebranded website as well as the design & front-end of our related dApps.

The back-end is being handled entirely in-house but we are looking for some extra hands to help with dApp integration into our sidechain, allowing our products to ship out faster.

Are you a developer comfortable working on a cutting edge ZK-Rollup DEX?

We’re looking to speak with anyone that has relevant skills and experience that wants to be a part of a unique and innovative project, solving some of the major issues in the blockchain ecosystem, including privacy and scalability. A provable understanding of ZK-Rollup solutions and StarkWare products (namely Cairo) is an advantage and a passion for bleeding edge DeFi protocols is essential. NIX is a well funded blockchain ecosystem with a dedicated team and an ambitious roadmap.

Do you have provable experience elsewhere to help grow an ambitious DeFi project?

There is a pressing requirement for additional contributors to work on the rebrand to enhance our reach and exposure and we anticipate welcoming the most talented faces on a permanent basis to grow the project beyond. We’d like to hear from illustrators who can think outside the box, video curators, content writers and social media ninjas. We need people who know how to get a message across — people who have their finger on the pulse, who can provide substance in a concise, yet creative manner.

How to get in touch!

If you’re a developer wanting to work at the forefront of blockchain applications with new technologies while learning from major players in the space through our future partnerships, or a content creator who wants to get their foot in the door with a significant and growing brand in the DeFi space, then get in touch.

Send your CV or portfolio to business@nixplatform.io or contact a member of the team directly on one of the social channels below.




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