NIX Newsletter and Devlog, Issue #1

Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter. As many of you certainly know, we recently hosted our very first round table. Those of you who could not participate, we aim to inform via this format.


  1. Development Updates and Progress
  2. Recent Events
  3. Partnerships & Resources
  4. PR & Exchanges
  5. Future Upgrades
  6. Parting Words, Outlook

Development Updates and Progress — Round Table #1

NIX Asset Layer.

The development team is looking into creating an asset layer. There are multiple options, such as a Layer 1 or Layer 2 solutions, similar to Ethereum’s ERC20 token. Another possibility would be having assets on side-chains. Creating a new child blockchain for a special use case, also something the community and outside developers should think about.

This would allow teams to work on several additional elements with NIX, such as conducting fundings as well as utilizing those assets via dApps.


As Zerocoin spends are higher in transaction size than regular transactions, the team is aware that very heavy usage could fill the blocks. Bulletproofs are a way of shrinking the aforementioned transaction size and can be implemented rather easily once the need arises.

Commitment Key Packs — 2 Way Privacy.

If you have not already read up on this new feature, please do so here. It is already live and can be integrated into mobile wallets. This is extremely powerful and has never been done by anyone else.

Full Privacy versus Optional Privacy.

NIX features optional privacy instead of full automatic privacy. This means that you can choose whether you want to conduct your transaction publicly or privately. It was mentioned that if you had to send transactions that have to be on a public ledger (like paying your electricity company) you might not be able to do that with a coin that is default private. This makes NIX all that much more flexible.

Getting to know NIX better — Knowledge & Information Initiative.

People still have issues pinpointing what NIX actually is. NIX is not a DEX Manager (the manager will be a dApp on top of the NIX Platform) but an extremely powerful privacy platform and ecosystem.

We decided to start this so called Knowledge & Information Initiative to build the general understanding of our community and everyone interested in NIX. The first step of this initiative will be a completely revamped website, focusing on exactly this.

Recent Events

AMA with Lead Developer, 27. Sept. 2018.

Lead Developer Matthew Tawil took the time to answer questions from the community. This very comprehensive AMA lasted over an hours and can be viewed here.

Where Privacy Meets Utility — Interview with Brian D. Colwell.

As more and more people are finding their way into the NIX community, so do content creators and interviewers. One of them is Brian D. Colwell, also known as CryptoHobbit, who has held a more in-depth interview with the NIX team which you can find on his blog.

NIX designs present on NIX Shop.

As a way to share community love towards NIX’s vision for privacy and decentralization, we opened a space for acquiring NIX’s designs: NIX Shop.

Partnerships & Resources

Partnership with ChainZilla — Bridging the Gap Between Decentralized Exchanges.

Aiming for adoption and bringing more liquidity to Decentralised Exchanges, NIX entered a partnership with ChainZilla. NIX’s first dApp will be the famed DEX Manager, connecting multiple DEXes and adding an optional privacy layer to make all transactions and coins private. ChainZilla facilitates between tech communities and streamlines the development of blockchain and decentralized applications.

SwirlPay — Making NIX usable for payments.

We are not only aiming to make NIX Platform the best privacy solution there is but also establish the NIX coin as an optionally private payment method. Therefore, NIX is now integrated into SwirlPay, a decentralized peer-to-peer payment gateway which is already in use on site like Whopper.

Adding Academic Advisors: Dr. Sriram Vishwanath.

NIX Platform recently established an advisory partnership with Dr. Sriram Vishwanath, a professor at University of Texas, Austin in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. He has played different key roles in many startups that can be checked on his personal page. NIX is thrilled to have Dr. Sriram Vishwanath on board as he adds a lot of value to NIX Platform path regarding research and development and will encourage college community events based on NIX. Check Dr. Sriram’s personal website and his profile at the University of Texas people’s section.

PR & Exchange Updates

NIX Platform on Blockfolio Signal beta.

NIX Network joined Blockfolio Signal beta. This feature will allow NIX to share development updates straight to users via the portfolio management app.

Cryptopia & Mercatox listing.

Aside of NIX being present on IDAX, NANEX and Coinroom, the platform recently got listed on two additional exchanges: Cryptopia and Mercatox (November 6th and 9th, 2018 respectively).

NANEX opens early BTC pairing for NIX.

After evaluating NIX Network technical achievements regarding privacy, NANEX has decided to provide us with an early Bitcoin pairing on their exchange. We plan to offer more routes to NIX trading, so stay tuned for what is next to come.

Future Upgrades

Website Revamp

NIX’s website will receive a complete face lift in order to tell a better story and offer more detailed information. We found the current website has aged too much and is no longer able to keep up with NIX’s rapid developments. You can look at the sneak peak of the new website here.

Whitepaper 2.0

The current whitepaper does not feature all the already implemented changes and what’s up next for NIX. Therefore, an update was in order. It will be released in the very near future.

NIX DEX Manager

Once the new staking feature has been successfully pushed to the mainnet, the development team will focus more on the final development of NIX’ first dApp: The DEX Manager. This will allow the connection of multiple different DEXes to improve liquidity and also add an optional privacy layer on top, allowing for completely private transactions of any coin.

PoS transition to trustless DPoS

NIX will soon be integrating a trustless DPoS consensus mechanism to allow for delegate staking and cold-staking. This will allow for third-party staking services to stake an owners coins on their behalf while trustlessly earning a percentage of those stakes based on the initial contract signed by the owner.

Ghostnode Service Fee Distribution

A new Ghost Protocol fee distribution will be integrated that will fairly and equally distribute all Ghost Protocol fees to all active Ghostnodes in a 720 block(24 hour) cycle. This will be the world’s first privacy fee protocol that empowers and incentivizes a privacy ecosystem.

Parting Words, Outlook

We hope you all enjoyed our first issue of this recurring newsletter. If you have any requests, suggestions or just want to say hello, reach out to us via the following social media:






Author: Michael ‘dacx’ Brayer.

Originally published at on November 16, 2018.



Mute is a #zkRollup based DEX, farming platform, and Bond platform. Built on Ethereum and zkSync.

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Mute is a #zkRollup based DEX, farming platform, and Bond platform. Built on Ethereum and zkSync.