NIX Newsletter and Devlog, Issue #2


Welcome to the second issue of our newsletter. If you missed the first one and are wondering what all this is about, you can read the first issue here.


  1. NIX Marketplace
  2. Development Updates and Progress — Round Table #2
  3. Recent Events
  4. Partnerships & Resources
  5. Future Upgrades
  6. Parting Words, Outlook

NIX Marketplace

On NIX’s mission to achieve full decentralization and adoption, there is no space for an “official” store. Instead, any merchant or service provider is independent and will be listed on the marketplace. Currently, clothing suppliers, LPoS merchants, VPS and cold storage providers are listed among others.

If you are accepting NIX as means of payment and/or selling NIX related goods, notify any contributor to get listed!

Development Updates and Progress — Round Table #2

Lead Developer, jackieboy, took the community on yet another round table adventure where he gave insight on what’s going on and also what’s up next. If you did not have the chance to participate live, you can listen in on a recording on YouTube.

Getting to know NIX better — Knowledge & Information Initiative

As already mentioned, we are still aiming to further educate the NIX fellowship and all other interested users about the awesome project that NIX is. We released the new website, several new articles on Medium and are also tweeting more. Do you like that? Give us feedback!

Recent Events

Website Revamp

NIX’s website received a complete face lift in order to tell a better story and offer more detailed information based on a multi-layer scheme. Have a look at the new and jaw-dropping website here.

Whitepaper Update

As promised, the updated whitepaper is live on the website. Get yourself back on track by reading up!

PoS transition to trustless LPoS

The integration of the trustless LPoS (Leased Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism is now live on the mainnet after extensive test on the testnet. Say hello to leased and cold staking! This now allows the NIX ecosystem to grow even further as the gates for staking services have been opened. Read more about LPoS here and find merchants here.

Ghostnode Service Fee Distribution

A new Ghost Protocol fee distribution has been integrated that fairly and equally distributes Ghost Protocol fees to all active Ghostnodes in a 720 block (24 hour) cycle. This is the world’s first privacy fee protocol that empowers and incentivizes a privacy ecosystem. Find more information about this awesome addition here and view a payout block here.

NIX Electrum wallet

In order to have a light-weight client, the development team came forth with a well-tested NIX Electrum wallet that works on all platforms including Android and iOS. This also paves the way for integration with hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger.

NIX GUI wallet 1.0.1

The beautiful looking GUI wallet has also received a highly anticipated update. Among the notable features are automated Ghostnode deployment, staking from within the GUI wallet and automated updates. Download it here.

Partnerships & Resources

NIX Platform on Blockfolio Signal and Delta Direct

NIX Network joined Blockfolio Signal and Delta Direct to accomplish the mission goal of educating and informing people. If you are using either of these Apps, make sure to watch NIX and turn on notifications!

Pay with NIX for your servers at Evolution Host

As a privacy currency, NIX is constantly expanding into further user adoption by adding more spending opportunities. We are pleased to announce NIX has been integrated as a means of payment at Evolution Host.

Listing with

Due to popular demand, NIX has been added to This allows for monitoring of your Ghostnodes and notifications.

Future Upgrades

NIX Mobile wallet

One of the next points on the to-do list of our busy developers will be the development of exemplary mobile wallets. After initial plans of integrating with Copay, the team decided to go with an own SPV wallet, based on what BRD wallet is doing. This allows for the usage of the signature Ghost Protocol that NIX is so proud of and a whole lot of other features.

NIX Wiki

Pushing forward in the knowledge initiative, the team is working on the creation of a NIX Wiki dedicated to the project only. It will be the main knowledge base for all awesome things NIX has to offer.

NIX DEX Manager

Now since the new LPoS consensus mechanism has been successfully pushed to the mainnet, the development team will focus more on the final development of NIX’s first dApp: The DEX Manager. This will allow the connection of multiple different DEXes to improve liquidity and also add an optional privacy layer on top, allowing for completely private transactions of any coin. With the already working Ghostnode fee distribution system, this will be another big advancement in the NIX ecosystem.

Decentralized Off-Chain Governance

A powerful tool that will be a part of the NIX ecosystem will be an off-chain governance model that uses distributed off-chain nodes, seperate from NIX network nodes, to validate votes and cast votes/polls. Off-chain governance will be built to allow third-party polling while maintaining the integrity and security of the NIX blockchain. Any third-party will be able to create their own distributed nodes which focus on certain polls they wish to cast.

Parting Words, Outlook

A Happy New Year from all NIX contributors.

We hope you all enjoyed our second issue of this recurring newsletter. If you have any requests, suggestions or just want to say hello, reach out to us via the following social media:





Author: Michael ‘dacx’ Brayer



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