NIX Token Swap is Live Until 30th June! An Overview of the Process…

NIX is moving away from its native blockchain and becoming an ERC-20 token in tandem with a recently accounted rebrand to, with a dual token MUTE and VOICE ecosystem.
4 min readJan 25, 2021


The NIX bridge & privacy technology will become integrated with a cutting-edge ZK-Rollup sidechain on Ethereum, allowing the well-funded and decentralized ecosystem to reach the masses.

NIX holders can access the 1:1 token swap for the replacement ERC-20 MUTE token via the following link.


The swap window will close June 30, 2021.

Process summary and portal screenshots…

Users can only use the official swap portal to move into the new ecosystem. Please do not entertain any third-party services offering to make this process simpler, they are not legitimate.

Important: All DMs received from ‘helpdesks’ or ‘support staff’ will be bad actors attempting to steal your private keys. If you’re unsure, ask in a public channel!

Users have four months in which to complete the swap from the old NIX chain to the new MUTE token. If you fail to swap during this window for any reason, your coins will be lost forever, without any way to retrieve them.

There are 2 steps to the migration — users are required to deposit their NIX as well as claim their MUTE tokens from the contract within this 4-month period. After the window is over, the old NIX chain will be retired and the claim functionality will be removed from the contract.

Here’s the detailed process:

  1. User enters Ethereum address from a compatible wallet such as Metamask.
  2. Portal generates a unique NIX deposit address for which to send funds.
  3. User can deposit further NIX to this address ASAP, if required.
  4. 48–72 hours later, the swap request is processed to the Ethereum contract.
  5. Users can then claim their MUTE tokens (ETH needed for gas).
  6. The Portal, claim function & NIX chain finish on conclusion of the 4-month window.

So, once the user adds a receiving address, the following ‘detail’ screen is displayed (at step 2 above) including deposit QR code and a warning message to ensure the process runs smoothly.

The NIX deposit addresses essentially derive from a ‘burn wallet’ with an unknown password, used purely for the purposes of the token swap. These addresses are monitored and the corresponding transaction amounts are periodically pushed out, available to claim from the contract by the corresponding ETH addresses.

Once the claim has been processed, you’ll be able to head to the ‘Claim MUTE’ page (this is step 5 above). Press the ‘Connect wallet’ button to log in with the same wallet that you used in the registration process.

Once you’re connected, you will see your address along with the claimable balance. Simply hit the ‘Claim MUTE’ button and authorise the transaction. Your wallet will provide you with confirmation of the transaction and your tokens are now available in your wallet.

The portal is publicly auditable — hence there being no login required to use the system. Everything is transparent and the deposit/receive addresses are available for everyone to view the status of each claim.

How to view the new token in your wallet?

Add the following contract address to your wallet as a custom token to see your balance:



Video guide for desktop users:

This video guide shows how to send NIX from the desktop QT wallet to the portal, and then claiming the MUTE token from the contract via Metamask. The same principle applies when using any NIX wallet to deposit and claiming from the contract is a similar process via WalletConnect with any compatible ethereum wallet that allows custom tokens.

Note to NBT/VOICE holders:

At the same time, NBT (NIX Bridge Token) has now had its contract updated and has been renamed to VOICE. This isn’t part of the token swap and users don’t need to take any action. However, if you want to see the new VOICE branding in your wallet, rather than NBT — simply hide/remove the token entry, and re-add the same contract address again.



We hope the swap process is now explained with sufficient clarity and detail, but any further questions should be directed to a team member in the public channels below.

Exciting times ahead! 👀

For more information about NIX, join our community!








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